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Growth rate–stoichiometry couplings in diverse biota
Biological stoichiometry provides a mechanistic theory linking cellular and biochemical features of co-evolving biota with constraints imposed by ecosystem energy and nutrient inputs. Thus,Expand
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High biolability of ancient permafrost carbon upon thaw
Ongoing climate warming in the Arctic will thaw permafrost and remobilize substantial terrestrial organic carbon (OC) pools. Around a quarter of northern permafrost OC resides in Siberian YedomaExpand
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Stoichiometric tracking of soil nutrients by a desert insect herbivore
Biogeochemistry and population biology have developed independently, with few attempts at linkage, almost none of which were mechanistically based. We hypothesize that biogeochemical cycling isExpand
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Spatial and temporal variation in islands of fertility in the Sonoran Desert
Abstract.In many arid and semi-arid ecosystems, canopy trees and shrubs have a strong positive influence on soil moisture and nutrient availability, creating islands of fertility where organic matterExpand
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Leaf Litter in a Sonoran Desert Stream Ecosystem
Leaf litter is an important functional component of mesic stream ecosystems; however, the importance of leaf litter has not been established for streams of the southwestern North American deserts.Expand
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Extensive Natural Intraspecific Variation in Stoichiometric (C:N:P) Composition in Two Terrestrial Insect Species
Abstract Heterotrophic organisms must obtain essential elements in sufficient quantities from their food. Because plants naturally exhibit extensive variation in their elemental content, it isExpand
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Causes and Consequences of Herbivory on Prairie Lupine (Lupinus lepidus) in Early Primary Succession
Primary succession, the formation and change of ecological communities in locations initially lacking organisms or other biological materials, has been an important research focus for at least aExpand
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Organic Matter Dynamics in Sycamore Creek, a Desert Stream in Arizona, USA
1 Present address: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-4004 USA. and Schumann 1968). Precipitation in the Sycamore CreekExpand
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Light-mediated thresholds in stream-water nutrient composition in a river network.
The elemental composition of solutes transported by rivers reflects combined influences of surrounding watersheds and transformations within stream networks, yet comparatively little is known aboutExpand
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The stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorus spiralling in heterotrophic and autotrophic streams
Summary 1. Nutrient spiralling provides a conceptual framework and a whole-system approach to investigate ecosystem responses to environmental changes. We use spiralling metrics to examine how theExpand
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