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Physico chemical and bioactive properties of honeys from Northwestern Argentina
The results showed that the honeys had good properties of stability and freshness, and the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties found in honeys from the Argentinean Northwest make them products of high added value and excellent quality. Expand
Chemical and functional characterization of seed, pulp and skin powder from chilto (Solanum betaceum), an Argentine native fruit. Phenolic fractions affect key enzymes involved in metabolic syndrome
The powders from the three parts of S. betaceum fruit may be a potential functional food and the polyphenol enriched extract of seed and skin may have nutraceutical properties. Expand
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, functional properties and mutagenicity studies of protein and protein hydrolysate obtained from Prosopis alba seed flour.
P. alba cotyledon flour could be a new alternative in the formulation of functional foods not only for its high protein content but also by the biological and functional properties of its proteins and protein hydrolysates. Expand
Flour from Prosopis alba cotyledons: A natural source of nutrient and bioactive phytochemicals.
The P. alba cotyledon flour could be considered as a new alternative in the formulation of functional foods or food supplements, and exhibited ABTS(+) reducing capacity and scavenging activity of H2O2. Expand
Antifungal activity of extracts of extremophile plants from the Argentine Puna to control citrus postharvest pathogens and green mold
The aim of this work was to screen extremophile plants from the Argentine Puna in order to select species with antifungal activity against Penicillium digitatum and Geotrichum citri-aurantii, two very important fungal species causing citrus postharvest disease. Expand
Nutritional, Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cyclanthera pedata, an Andinean Fruit and Products Derived from Them
There is an increasing interest in food plant with health-giving effects. The aim of this research was to evaluate the phytochemical and nutraceutical profiles of Cyclanthera pedata fruits, a nativeExpand
A colorimetric method to quantify endo-polygalacturonase activity.
A new colorimetric assay to quantify endo-polygalacturonase activity, which hydrolyzes polygalacturonic acid to produce smaller chains of galacturonate, utilizes Ruthenium Red as the detection reagent which has been used previously in plate-based assays but not in liquid medium reactions. Expand
Effect of seasonal variations and collection form on antioxidant activity of propolis from San Juan, Argentina.
The results suggest that Argentine propolis from Cuyo is a promising source of bioactive compounds as ingredients for developing functional foods with a beneficial impact on oxidative stress. Expand
Phytochemical Composition and Antioxidant Capacity of Psidium guajava Fresh Fruits and Flour
Psidium guajava fruits are consumed fresh or processed (beverages, syrup, ice cream, jams and jellies). Guayaba is a fruit highly perishable and susceptible to damage during the postharvest. OneExpand