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Rates of drug detection in urine samples from various populations.
About 14% of all substance abuse urine tests are positive for 1.2 substances. Cannabinoid and cocaine metabolites are most frequently the cause of positivity. Individuals in probation or paroleExpand
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Dunbar, Douglass, Milton: Authorial Agon and the Integrated Canon
Through Harold Bloom's long and prolific career, The Anxiety of Influence (1973) and A Map of Misreading (1975) have emerged as his most significant and enduring contribution to literary study. TheseExpand
On the Table
Heat of the Night
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The Point of the Pinnacle: Son and Scripture in Paradise Regained
  • J. Savoie
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  • 13 April 2004
n Book 111 of Paradise Lost, the poet joins his “voice unto the angel Iqu i r e” to exclaim, “Hail Son of God, Savior of Men, thy Name / Shall be the copious matter of my song.” (111, 412-13)’ ButExpand
“That Fallacious Fruit”: Lapsarian Lovemaking in Paradise Lost
[Adam] forbore not glance or toy Of amorous intent, well understood Of Eve, whose Eye darted contagious fire. Her hand he seiz’d, and to a shady bank, Thick overhead with verdant roof imbowr’d He ledExpand
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Adventures in Reading
The Word Within: Predicating the Presence of God in George Herbert's The Temple
Dryden is not entirely mistaken in the above judgment. Shadwell has proven a minor poet, and acrostic is, in general, a fairly minor device even in the hands of a major poet. Dryden errs only in hisExpand
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Monuments Men: Milton on Shakespeare
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