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By Electrochemical Reduction
Production and characterization of antibodies directed against organophosphorus nerve agent VX
A strategy is described to raise high-affinity antibodies directed against the organophosphorus nerve agent VX, since cross-reactivity with other nerve agents (Soman, Sarin or Tabun) was low, however, two haptens elicited antibodies with affinity to Soman or Sarin in the micromolar range. Expand
Recent developments in the chemistry of stable doubly bonded germanium compounds
Abstract During the last 10 years, several compounds of the type Ge=X (X = C, Ge, N, P, S) have been isolated as monomers. The stabilization of such derivatives, which are generally highlyExpand
New (diarylgermyl)lithiums
The new (diarylgermyl) lithiums R 2 GeHLi (2; R=phenyl, mesityl) were prepared in good yields by hydrogermolysis reactions of tert-butyllithium in THF. The stability of compounds 2 depends on theExpand
Structure of the stable germaphosphene Mes2Ge:PAr. A Ge:P connection with the geometry of a true double bond
Le compose du titre cristallise dans le systeme orthorhombique, groupe d'espace Pna2 1 et sa structure est affinee jusqu'a R=0,054