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Genetic or Pharmacological Iron Chelation Prevents MPTP-Induced Neurotoxicity In Vivo A Novel Therapy for Parkinson's Disease
Studies on postmortem brains from Parkinson's patients reveal elevated iron in the substantia nigra (SN). Selective cell death in this brain region is associated with oxidative stress, which may beExpand
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Glutathione depletion resulting in selective mitochondrial complex I inhibition in dopaminergic cells is via an NO‐mediated pathway not involving peroxynitrite: implications for Parkinson's disease
An early biochemical change in the Parkinsonian substantia nigra (SN) is reduction in total glutathione (GSH + GSSG) levels in affected dopaminergic neurons prior to depletion in mitochondrialExpand
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Phosphoproteomic and transcriptomic analyses reveal multiple functions for Aspergillus nidulans MpkA independent of cell wall stress.
The protein kinase MpkA plays a prominent role in the cell wall integrity signaling (CWIS) pathway, acting as the terminal MAPK activating expression of genes which encode cell wall biosyntheticExpand
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Unlocking Credit Default Swaps (CDS) to the Retail Investors to boost Liquidity and Minimize Risk
This research investigates analytically by probing existing Credit Default Swaps market and mechanism, and identifies the gaps, to develop or derive alternative financial product to unlock CDS marketExpand
Effect of Corporate Restructuring on Shareholder's Value in the Information Technology Sector
Corporate restructuring is the process of revamping one or more aspects of a company which can happen due to various factors either external or internal. The need for restructuring a corporate entityExpand
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The prognosis for oral cancer remains poor in spite of advances in therapy. Early diagnosis and treatment remains the key to improved patient survival. Because scalpel biopsy for diagnosis isExpand
Social performance and sustainability of Indian microfinance institutions: an interrogation
ABSTRACT This paper has come forward from the research proposal to understand the effect of social performance on the sustainability of microfinance institutions. It has been revealed that theExpand
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