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Are the Bader Laplacian and the Bohm quantum potential equivalent
Abstract The de Broglie–Bohm ontological interpretation of quantum theory clarifies the understanding of many otherwise counter-intuitive quantum mechanical phenomena. We report here on anExpand
Ontological Determinism, non-locality, quantum equilibrium and post-quantum mechanics
In this paper, we extend our previous discussion on ontological determinism, non-locality and quantum mechanics to that of the Sarfatti post-quantum mechanics perspective. We examine the nature ofExpand
Progress in post-quantum mechanics
Newton’s mechanics in the 17th century increased the lethality of artillery. Thermodynamics in the 19th led to the steam-powered industrial revolution. Maxwell’s unification of electricity, magnetismExpand
The Meaning of Quantum Mechanics
Progress in post-quantum theory
David Bohm, in his "causal theory", made the correct Hegelian synthesis of Einstein's thesis that there is a "there" there, and Bohr's antithesis of "thinglessness" (Nick Herbert’s term). EinsteinExpand
The emergence of gravity as a retro-causal post-inflation macro-quantum-coherent holographic vacuum Higgs-Goldstone field
We present a model for the origin of gravity, dark energy and dark matter: Dark energy and dark matter are residual pre-inflation false vacuum random zero point energy (w = ? 1) of large-scaleExpand
Simple Proof that Dark Energy is Back-from-the-Future Wheeler-Feynman Hawking-Unruh de Sitter Horizon Black Body Radiation
The dark energy accelerating our observable patch of the multiverse is Wheeler-Feynman Hawking-Unruh black body radiation back from our future de Sitter cosmological horizon. This horizon is also aExpand
Dark Energy is Needed for the Consistency of Quantum Electrodynamics Heisenberg's Biggest Blunder?
The argument that virtual photons can be globally gauged away I think is spurious. Indeed, the inconsistency with the boson commutation rules in Heisenberg and Pauli’s historic 1929 attempt toExpand
Retraction on Geller