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Effects of water velocity and turbulence on the behaviour of Iberian barbel (Luciobarbus bocagei, Steindachner 1864) in an experimental pool‐type fishway
Key factors on Iberian barbel movements are identified that may have direct application to future fishway designs for this species and for other ‘weak’ swimmers.
Microhabitat use by endangered Iberian cyprinids nase Iberochondrostoma almacai and chub Squalius aradensis
Key factors in the species’ habitat requirements are identified and management recommendations for river restoration that may have a wider application are developed, particularly for other Mediterranean-type rivers.
Regional and local environmental correlates of native Iberian fish fauna
Knowledge of fishes' habitat requirements is an essential tool for species conservation. We examined the habitat requirements of nine native freshwater fish species using 165 undisturbed or minimally
Efficacy of a nature‐like bypass channel in a Portuguese lowland river
This study proved the efficacy of the bypass for passage of almost all occurring species and life stages and also for providing suitable habitat for fish fauna, highlighting the use of these facilities for river restoration schemes.
Impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater biota across spatial scales and ecosystems
A cross-scale analysis of paired-stressor effects on biological variables of European freshwater ecosystems shows that in 39% of cases, significant effects were limited to single stressors, with nutrient enrichment being the most important of these in lakes.
Modelling Stream-Fish Functional Traits in Reference Conditions: Regional and Local Environmental Correlates
The findings of this study emphasized the need to use a multi-scale approach in order to fully assess the factors that govern the functional organization of biotic assemblages in ‘natural’ streams, as well as to improve biomonitoring and restoration of fluvial ecosystems.
Variation in fish community composition along an Iberian river basin from low to high discharge: relative contributions of environmental and temporal variables
– Factors associated with the spatial and temporal variation of the lower Guadiana basin (southern Iberia) fish community were determined using data from 20 sites sampled during the summer of 1994