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Disseminated dermatosis with pruritic plaques and patches.
A72-year-old man presented for medical attention with a 10-year history of pruritic patches and plaques on the trunk and extremities and the diagnosis of lichenified contact dermatitis was made. Expand
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis: a clinicopathologic classification.
A classification or staging system enhances the ability to evaluate patients with mucocutaneous leishmaniasis and determine more accurately their prognosis and treatment. Expand
Phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C isoform expression in pregnant and nonpregnant rat myometrial tissue.
These reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction studies have confirmed at the messenger ribonucleic acid level significant expression of several isoforms of phospholipase C in both pregnant and nonpregnant myometrial tissue, providing additional support for the hypothesis that the phosphatidylinositol signaling pathway plays an important role in uterine smooth muscle. Expand
Challenge. Vestibular papilloma of the vulva.
Epstein-Barr Virus-Positive Mucocutaneous Ulcer in a Pediatric Patient-Case Report.
A rare case of a 5-month-old pediatric patient, born preterm at 24 weeks of gestational age, presenting a lump on the right shoulder, later evolving to EBV-positive mucocutaneous ulcer is presented. Expand
Nodular lesions inside of the vagina.
A 35-year-old woman presented with complaints of abundant vaginal secretion associated with malodor of 2 months duration and developed inflammatory nodular lesions in the vaginal mucosa, accompanied by minimal chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate. Expand
Vestibular papilloma of the vulva