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Immunologic factors and clinical activity in systemic lupus erythematosus.
Abstract To clarify the association between certain immunologic factors and clinical activity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, 96 patients were studied. Those with antibodies toExpand
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Immunologic studies concerning the pulmonary lesions in Goodpasture's syndrome.
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Isolation of hyaluronateprotein from human synovial fluid.
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Human Synovial Fluid: Detection of a New Component
  • J. Sandson
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  • 17 February 1967
A new component has been detected in synovial fluid by the agar double-diffusion technique. This component is closely related immunologically to the proteinpolysaccharides of cartilage, and is theExpand
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Altered properties of pathological hyaluronate due to a bound inter-alpha trypsin inhibitor.
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Comparative effects of prednisone and cortisone.
Prednisone (Meticorten) was introduced in November, 1954, as an effective antirheumatic medication. 1 In animals, it was found to produce involution of the thymus, eosinopenia, and glycogenExpand
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Immunochemistry of cartilage proteoglycan. Immunodiffusion and gel-electrophoretic studies.
Cartilage proteoglycan is thought to be composed of subunits, core proteins with covalently attached sulphated polysaccharide side chains, which form aggregates by non-covalent association with aExpand
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Synovial Cell Synthesis of a Substance Immunologically Like Cartilage Proteinpolysaccharide
Fluids from joints contain a substance that reacts immunologically like one of two known antigenic components of articular cartilage proteinpolysaccharide. This newly recognized substance occurs inExpand
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Immunodiffusion and gel-electrophoretic studies of human articular cartilage proteoglycan.
Human articular cartilage proteoglycan has been prepared by non-disruptive extraction with 4M guanidine and fractionated by CsCI density gradients. Immunodiffusion studies revealed at least threeExpand
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FORMERLY untouchable human joints are now receiving the attention of workers in widely separated fields. This is not surprising for there has been a growing realization that in the synovial joint,Expand
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