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Wireless Sensor Networks for Commercial Lighting Control : Decision Making with Multi-agent Systems
The application of wireless sensor networks to commercial lighting control provides a practical application that can benefit directly from artificial intelligence techniques. This applicationExpand
Effects of resistance training on metabolic profile of adults with type 2 diabetes.
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE The number of diabetes in India is increasing at an alarming rate. The effects of physical activity in the form of resistance training or aerobic exercises on type 2 diabetesExpand
Effectiveness of an aerobic walking program using heart rate monitor and pedometer on the parameters of diabetes control in Asian Indians with type 2 diabetes.
AIMS To analyze the effects of 8 weeks of aerobic walking using a heart rate monitor (HRM) and pedometer for monitoring exercise intensity on glycemic outcomes, fasting blood glucose (FBG),Expand
Fuel use and design analysis of improved woodburning cookstoves in the Guatemalan Highlands
This study examined the fuel use and design of an improved woodburning cookstove (plancha), in comparison to traditional cooking over an open woodfire. These cookstoves had been randomly introducedExpand
A Study on Hand Grip Strength in Female Labourers of Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Abstract The present study is based on the association of left and right hand grip strength with five anthropometric traits, viz. height, weight, body mass index, hand breadth and hand length onExpand
Effect of different cuff widths on the motor nerve conduction of the median nerve: an experimental study
BackgroundA bloodless operative field is considered mandatory for most surgical procedures on the upper and lower extremity. This is accomplished by using either an Esmarch bandage or a pneumaticExpand
Biofeedback Approach in The Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Objective: The present study compares the efficacy of two most commonly used biofeedback relaxation techniques in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Method: 45 individuals withExpand
An electromyographic analysis of shoulder muscle activation during push-up variations on stable and labile surfaces
Background: Numerous exercises are used to strengthen muscles around the shoulder joint including the push-up and the push-up plus. An important consideration is the addition of surface instabilityExpand
The Effects of Aerobic Versus Resistance Training on Cardiovascular Fitness in Obese Sedentary Females
Purpose The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of aerobic and strength training on cardiac variables such as blood pressure, heart rate (HR), and metabolic parameters likeExpand
Association of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme gene Polymorphism and Indian Army Triathletes Performance
Purpose It is well known that the effects of exercise training gives inter individual differences which might be due to genetic diversity. This study aims to explore the probable relation betweenExpand