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Podcasting: A new technological tool to facilitate good practice in higher education
An empirical study on an undergraduate degree course in Information Systems Management about podcasting suggests some interesting issues in distance courses, such as: podcasting is a powerful tool as a complement to the traditional resources on a course, but not a substitute for them. Expand
Robustness of the air transport network
This paper presents a methodology for the detection of critical airports (those whose isolation would cause the largest losses in network connectivity) in the global air transport network (ATN),Expand
The six emotional stages of organizational change
The purpose of this paper is to define a model that both describes the evolution of the emotional stages of individuals during perceived negative organizational change and explains the evolution ofExpand
Study of the topology and robustness of airline route networks from the complex network approach: a survey and research agenda
Communication via air routes is an important issue in a world organized around a web city network. In this context, the robustness of network infrastructures, e.g. air transport networks, are aExpand
Evolution of online discussion forum richness according to channel expansion theory: A longitudinal panel data analysis
The results suggest that the perception of richness of a channel by different individuals is different but that those variations due to a change in acquired experiences, are influenced in a similar and significant way by all individuals over time. Expand
An Examination of the Effects of Self-Regulatory Focus on the Perception of the Media Richness: The Case of E-Mail
Communication is a key element in organizations’ business success. The media richness theory and the channel expansion theory are two of the most influential theories regarding the selection and useExpand
Organizational commitment within a contemporary career context
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze the relation between the underlying dimensions of protean (self-direction and values driven) and boundaryless (boundaryless mindset andExpand
Journal of Airline and Airport Management: taking off on an exciting journey into air transport research
We are pleased to introduce this first and inaugural issue of the first volume of the Journal of Airline and Airport Management (JAIRM). JAIRM is an international journal that proposes and fostersExpand
Intangible liabilities: beyond models of intellectual assets
Purpose – Most models of intellectual capital measurment equal intellectual capital with intellectual assets. Nevertheless, companies sometimes must incur liabilities to make intellectual assetsExpand
Robustness of airline alliance route networks
Star Alliance has the most resilient route network, followed by SkyTeam and then oneworld, and the inverted adaptive strategy based on the efficiency criterion shows a great success in quickly breaking networks similar to that found with betweenness criterion but with even better results. Expand