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Current loop coalescence model of solar flares
A computer simulation and theoretical study of the physical characteristics of the explosive coalescence of current-carrying loops is presented. Characteristics of the explosive coalescence include aExpand
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Simulations of a hydrogen-filled capillary discharge waveguide.
A one-dimensional dissipative magnetohydrodynamics code is used to investigate the discharge dynamics of a waveguide for high-intensity laser pulses: the gas-filled capillary discharge waveguide.Expand
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Birefringence and polarization characteristics of single-mode optical fibers under elastic deformations
Birefringence and polarization dispersion caused by: 1) elliptical core, 2) twist, 3) pure bending, 4) transverse pressure, and 5) axial tension are studied by treating these deformations asExpand
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Decay instability of finite-amplitude circularly polarized Alfven waves - A numerical simulation of stimulated Brillouin scattering
By means of a numerical simulation, nonlinear evolution of large amplitude dispersive Alfven waves is studied. An energy transfer from the parent wave to two daughter Alfven-like waves and aExpand
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Force-free equilibria and reconnection of the magnetic field lines in collisionless plasma configurations
The plasma equilibrium in the force-free magnetic field in the framework of collisionless approximation is investigated. The equilibrium solution of the Vlasov–Maxwell equations, describing theExpand
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Proton Acceleration near an X-Type Magnetic Reconnection Region
We investigate the behavior of protons near an X-type magnetic reconnection region by numerical simulations. The magnetic field is taken to be hyperbolic and time stationary with a uniform electricExpand
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Bending loss of propagation modes in arbitrary-index profile optical fibers.
A bending loss formula for optical fibers with an axially symmetric arbitrary-index profile is derived by approximating the refractive-index profile with a staircase function. The permissible bendingExpand
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Birefringence caused by thermal stress in elliptically deformed core optical fibers
Birefringence and polarization dispersion introduced by thermal stress in single-mode fibers with elliptical core are formulated here in terms of fiber structure parameters, thermal expansionExpand
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Generation of a Small-Scale Quasi-Static Magnetic Field and Fast Particles during the Collision of Electron-Positron Plasma Clouds
We present the results of analytical studies and 2D3V PIC simulations of electron-positron plasma cloud collisions. We concentrate on the problem of quasi-static magnetic field generation. It isExpand
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A New Field Line Advection Model for Solar Particle Acceleration
The diffusive acceleration of solar protons at a shock wave driven by a realistic coronal mass ejection is modeled using a new field line advection model for particle acceleration coupled with aExpand
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