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Statistical Learning by 8-Month-Old Infants
The present study shows that a fundamental task of language acquisition, segmentation of words from fluent speech, can be accomplished by 8-month-old infants based solely on the statistical relationships between neighboring speech sounds. Expand
One of the infant’s first tasks in language acquisition is to discover the words embedded in a mostly continuous speech stream. This learning problem might be solved by using distributional cues toExpand
Statistical learning of tone sequences by human infants and adults
Results suggest that a learning mechanism previously shown to be involved in word segmentation can also be used to segment sequences of non-linguistic stimuli. Expand
Computation of Conditional Probability Statistics by 8-Month-Old Infants
A recent report demonstrated that 8-month-olds can segment a continuous stream of speech syllables, containing no acoustic or prosodic cues to word boundaries, into wordlike units after only 2 min ofExpand
When cues collide: use of stress and statistical cues to word boundaries by 7- to 9-month-old infants.
The results of this series of experiments raise the possibility that infants use their statistical learning abilities to locate words in speech and use those words to discover the regular pattern of stress cues in English. Expand
Incidental Language Learning: Listening (and Learning) Out of the Corner of Your Ear
Two experiments investigated the performance of first-grade children and adults on an incidental language-learning task. Learning entailed word segmentation from continuous speech, an initial andExpand
Statistical Language Learning
What types of mechanisms underlie the acquisition of human language? Recent evidence suggests that learners, including infants, can use statistical properties of linguistic input to discoverExpand
Statistical learning in children with specific language impairment.
Findings suggest that poor implicit learning may underlie aspects of the language impairments in SLI, and this ability is related to degree of exposure, domain specific or domain general. Expand
Constraints on Statistical Language Learning
Abstract How do learners discover the structure in linguistic input? One set of cues which learners might use to acquire phrase structure are the dependencies, or predictive relationships, which linkExpand
The Use of Predictive Dependencies in Language Learning
To what extent is linguistic structure learnable from statistical information in the input? This research investigated the role played by statistical learning in the acquisition of rudimentary phraseExpand