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Speech acts
When we speak we can do all sorts of things, from aspirating a consonant, to constructing a relative clause, to insulting a guest, to starting a war. These are all, pre-theoretically, speechExpand
Noun incorporation in Greenlandic: A case of syntactic word formation
The language thus falsifies pronouncements concerning the independence of syntax and word formation based on data from languages that are typologically very different from Greenlandic. Expand
Ambiguity Tests and How to Fail Them
A number of tests used by linguists to distinguish a.mbtffiitf from lack of specification are described and illustrated, wi 1 brief critical commentary. The tests appeal to semantic, syntactic, andExpand
Autolexical Syntax: A Theory of Parallel Grammatical Representations
In" Autolexical Syntax," Jerrold M. Sadock argues for a radical departure from the derivational model of grammar that has prevailed in linguistics for thirty years. He offers an alternative theory inExpand
Truth and Approximations
Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (1977), pp. 430-439
A Machine Learning Approach to Modeling Scope Preferences
The issue of determining scope preferences is focused on, which has largely been ignored in theoretical linguistics, and different models of the interaction between syntax and quantifier scope are explored. Expand