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Numerical and experimental investigation of passive rider effects on motorcycle weave
Despite the importance of rider passive response to the lateral dynamics of motorcycles, there is very little literature on the subject. Even more uncommon are works that consider rider passiveExpand
Elaboration and quantitative assessment of manoeuvrability for motorcycle lane change
The desire to quantitatively assess vehicle manoeuvrability and handling has led to the development of various expressions, or metrics, which typically relate system input to system output. WithExpand
Using Simulators for the Assessment of Handling of Motorcycles
In this work the motorcycle simulator of the University of Padova is employed to assess its possible usage in the development phase of real vehicles and the ultimate objective is using the simulator to evaluate the handling of a specific motorcycle in a specific configuration. Expand
Characterization and Modelling of Various Sized Mountain Bike Tires and the Effects of Tire Tread Knobs and Inflation Pressure
Mountain bikes continue to be the largest segment of U.S. bicycle sales, totaling some USD 577.5 million in 2017 alone. One of the distinguishing features of the mountain bike is relatively wideExpand