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Economic Reform and the Process of Global Integration
WHEN T H E BROOKINGS Panel on Economic Activity began in 1970, the world economy roughly accorded with the idea of three distinct economic systems: a capitalist first world, a socialist second world,Expand
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Natural Resource Abundance and Economic Growth
One of the surprising features of modern economic growth is that economies with abundant natural resources have tended to grow less rapidly than natural-resource-scarce economies. In this paper weExpand
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The economic burden of malaria.
  • J. Gallup, J. Sachs
  • Geography, Medicine
  • The American journal of tropical medicine and…
  • 2001
Malaria and poverty are intimately connected. Controlling for factors such as tropical location, colonial history, and geographical isolation, countries with intensive malaria had income levels inExpand
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The curse of natural resources
Abstract This paper summarizes and extends previous research that has shown evidence of a “curse of natural resources” – countries with great natural resource wealth tend nevertheless to grow moreExpand
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Geography and Economic Development
Location and climate have large effects on income levels and income growth through their effects on transport costs, disease burdens, and agricultural productivity, among other channels. GeographyExpand
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The end of poverty: economic possibilities for our time.
  • J. Sachs
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • European journal of dental education : official…
  • 1 February 2008
He has been cited by "The New York Times Magazine" as "probably the most important economist in the world" and by Time as "the world's best-known economist." He has advised an extraordinary range ofExpand
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The economic and social burden of malaria
Where malaria prospers most, human societies have prospered least. The global distribution of per-capita gross domestic product shows a striking correlation between malaria and poverty, andExpand
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Geography, demography, and economic growth in Africa.
This paper presents the effects of climate, topography, and natural ecology on public health, nutrition, demographics, technological diffusion, international trade and other determinants ofExpand
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Sources of Slow Growth in African Economies
This paper offers some econometric evidence on the sources of slow growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The evidence suggests that the continent's slow growth can be explained in an internationalExpand
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Macroeconomics and health: investing in health for economic development
" …let me say that I hope we keep our voice clear and strong on the central task of raising the health of the poor. I can be 'realistic' and 'cynical' with the best of them—giving all the reasons whyExpand
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