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Periodate salts as pyrotechnic oxidizers: development of barium- and perchlorate-free incendiary formulations.
In a flash: pyrotechnic incendiary formulations with good stabilities toward various ignition stimuli have been developed without the need for barium or perchlorate oxidizers. KIO(4) and NaIO(4) were
An outside-in approach to adjacent bistetrahydrofuran annonaceous acetogenins with C2 core symmetry. Total synthesis of asimicin and a C32 analogue.
A synthesis of the Annonaceous acetogenin asimicin and a side-chain analogue has been achieved by a highly convergent route in which Grubbs cross-metathesis plays a key role.
Binary fluorous tagging enables the synthesis and separation of a sixteen-stereoisomer library of macrosphelides
This paper synthesizes a library containing all sixteen diastereomers of the natural products macrosphelides A and E, and determined its constitution by using NMR spectroscopy and its configuration by synthesizing four candidate stereoisomers.
An Examination of Binder Systems and Their Influences on Burn Rates of High‐Nitrogen Containing Formulations
Abstract : The examination of Laminac 4116/Lupersol and Epon 813/Versamid 140 binder systems, and their influences on burn rates of pyrotechnic formulations is described. Laminac 4116/Lupersol-based
Bis(1,2,4-oxadiazole)bis(methylene) Dinitrate: A High-Energy Melt-Castable Explosive and Energetic Propellant Plasticizing Ingredient
Discussed herein is the synthesis of bis(1,2,4-oxadiazole)bis(methylene) dinitrate, determination of its crystal structure by X-ray diffractometry, calculations of its explosive performance, and
Recent Advances in the Synthesis of High Explosive Materials
This review discusses the recent advances in the syntheses of high explosive energetic materials. Syntheses of some relevant modern primary explosives and secondary high explosives, and the
Synthesis of bis-Isoxazole-bis-Methylene Dinitrate: A Potential Nitrate Plasticizer and Melt-Castable Energetic Material.
The efficient and scalable synthesis of 3,3'-bis-isoxazole-5,5'-bis-methylene dinitrate and its energetic properties are described. The material has favorable sensitivity properties; energetic
Synthesis of Biisoxazoletetrakis(methyl nitrate): A Potential Nitrate Plasticizer and Highly Explosive Material
The efficient and scalable synthesis of 3,3′-biisoxazole-4,4′,5,5′-tetrakis(methyl nitrate) and its energetic properties are described. The synthesis features a metal-free [3+2] cycloaddition of an
Bis(Nitroxymethylisoxazolyl) Furoxan: A Promising Standalone Melt-Castable Explosive.
Bis(nitroxymethylisoxazolyl) furoxan features an insensitive behavior to impact, friction, and electrostatic discharge, with a calculated detonation pressure about 25 % higher than the state-of-the-art melt-castable explosive TNT.
Bis(1,2,4-oxadiazolyl) Furoxan: A Promising Melt-Castable Eutectic Material of Low Sensitivity.
Bis(1,2,4-oxadiazolyl) furoxan exhibits a very insensitive behavior to impact, friction, and electrostatic discharge, with a calculated detonation pressure 20 % higher than that of TNT.