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Design considerations for high-voltage high-power full-bridge zero-voltage-switched PWM converter
A steady-state analysis is presented with complete characterization of the converter operation. A small-signal model of the converter is established. The design procedures based on the analysis areExpand
Small-signal analysis of the phase-shifted PWM converter
The specific circuit effects in the phase-shifted PWM (PS-PWM) converter and their impact on the converter dynamics are analyzed. The small-signal model is derived incorporating the effects ofExpand
Zero-voltage and zero-current-switching full bridge PWM converter for high power applications
A novel zero-voltage and zero-current-switching (ZVZCS) full bridge (FB) PWM converter is proposed. The new converter overcomes the limitations of the ZVS-FB-PWM converter such as high circulatingExpand
An Efficient Partial Power Processing DC/DC Converter for Distributed PV Architectures
In this paper, a dc/dc power converter for distributed photovoltaic (PV) plant architectures is presented. The proposed converter has the advantages of simplicity, high efficiency, and low cost. HighExpand
High-voltage, high-power, ZVS, full-bridge PWM converter employing an active snubber
The authors present the analysis, design, and applications of a high-voltage, high-power, zero-voltage switched (ZVS), full-bridge (FB) pulse-width-modulated (PWM) converter with an active snubber inExpand
A comparative study of central and distributed MPPT architectures for megawatt utility and large scale commercial photovoltaic plants
In this paper different distributed PV architectures are studied from an energy yield perspective. These distributed architectures are applied to massively paralleled thin film plants employing highExpand
Constant-frequency, zero-voltage-switched, clamped-mode parallel-resonant converter
The DC behavior of a constant-frequency, clamped-mode parallel-resonant converter operating above resonant frequency is characterized. The converter is shown to be able to operate with zero-voltageExpand
Analysis and design-optimization of LCC resonant inverter for high-frequency AC distributed power system
The analysis and design of an LCC resonant inverter for a 20 kHz AC distributed power system are presented. Expand
Ripple current cancellation circuit
A ripple current cancellation technique injects AC current into the output voltage bus of a converter that is equal and opposite to the normal converter ripple current. The output current ripple isExpand
Analysis and control of phase-shifted series resonant converter operating in discontinuous mode
DC-DC series resonant converter operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) offers advantages in terms of low switching losses, high power density, and low control complexity. The low switchingExpand