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Growth Hormone Receptor Deficiency Is Associated with a Major Reduction in Pro-Aging Signaling, Cancer, and Diabetes in Humans
Ecuadorians who have a genetic mutation in the growth hormone receptor almost never die of cancer or diabetes complications, possibly because of high resistance to oxidative damage and lowExpand
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GH Receptor Deficiency in Ecuadorian Adults Is Associated With Obesity and Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity.
CONTEXT Ecuadorian subjects with GH receptor deficiency (GHRD) have not developed diabetes, despite obesity. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the metabolic associations for this phenomenon. Expand
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Effect of bariatric surgery on weight loss, inflammation, iron metabolism, and lipid profile
Background and Aims: Accumulating evidence indicates that a state of chronic inflammation has a crucial role in the pathogenesis of obesity-related metabolic dysfunction. This study aims to evaluateExpand
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Recommended IGF-I dosage causes greater fat accumulation and osseous maturation than lower dosage and may compromise long-term growth effects.
CONTEXT The maximum dose of IGF-I recommended for treatment of GH insensitivity is commonly used. OBJECTIVE The aim was to test the hypothesis that a lower dose is as effective as a high dose ofExpand
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- Aguirre Reduction in Pro-Aging Signaling , Cancer , and Diabetes in Humans Growth Hormone Receptor Deficiency Is Associated with a Major
trade-off. not supported by the current findings. But a life free from two dreaded diseases may be considered a desirable is −− a slowed metabolism yields a longer life −− complications. Thus, theExpand
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Assessing insulin sensitivity and resistance in syndromes of severe short stature.
Individuals affected with two genetic syndromes identified in Ecuador have severe short stature and diminished insulin secretion, along with essentially different GH counterregulatory effects onExpand