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Original Paintings versus Slide and Computer Reproductions: A Comparison of Viewer Responses
The issue of whether viewing works of art by computer or slide is comparable to viewing original paintings was investigated by having visitors to The Metropolitan Museum of Art view works in theseExpand
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Place Attachment Among Retirees In Greensburg, Kansas*
On 4 May 2007 an ef‐5 tornado leveled 95 percent of Greensburg, Kansas. Because city leaders encouraged everyone to use “green” building techniques as they rebuilt their homes and businesses, notExpand
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Undergraduate Neuroscience Faculty: Results from a Survey of Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Members
A survey was presented to members of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) to get a better idea of how neuroscience research and education is being delivered at the undergraduate level. AExpand
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Cultural Geography: A Survey of Perceptions Held by Cultural Geography Specialty Group Members
Abstract As of the year 2000, the Cultural Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers had 465 members and ranked fourth overall in total membership within the association.Expand
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Private Equity Returns
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Rural Place Attachment in Hispano Urban Centers*
Continued rural‐to‐urban migration has helped motivate cultural geographers, long suspected of having a rural bias, to include urban areas in their purview. Patterns of gender, class, ethnicity, andExpand
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A Market Reaction to DoD Contact Delay
Abstract : Development projects are occurring at a faster rate in the civilian world than for the Department of Defense (DoD). In the civilian world, faster development means quicker delivery andExpand
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Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications
A primary text in introductory and perhaps second courses in simulation at both the under-graduate and beginning-graduate levels. Expand
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Yeast genetics : methods and protocols
1. Yeast Transformation by LiAc/SS Carrier DNA/PEG Method R. Daniel Gietz 2. Tetrad, Random Spore and Molecular Analysis of Meiotic Segregation and Recombination Michael Lichten 3. PCR MutagenesisExpand
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