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Hive - A Warehousing Solution Over a Map-Reduce Framework
We present Hive, an open-source data warehousing solution built on top of Hadoop. Expand
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Delay scheduling: a simple technique for achieving locality and fairness in cluster scheduling
We propose a simple algorithm called delay scheduling: when the job that should be scheduled next according to fairness cannot launch a local task, it waits a small amount of time, letting other jobs launch tasks instead. Expand
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Hive - a petabyte scale data warehouse using Hadoop
The size of data sets being collected and analyzed in the industry for business intelligence is growing rapidly, making traditional warehousing solutions prohibitively expensive. Expand
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Data warehousing and analytics infrastructure at facebook
Scalable analysis on large data sets has been core to the functions of a number of teams at Facebook - both engineering and non-engineering. Expand
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Job Scheduling for Multi-User MapReduce Clusters
We found that traditional scheduling algorithms can perform very poorly in MapReduce, degrading throughput and response time by factors of 2-10, due to two aspects of the setting: data locality (the need to run computations near the data) and the dependence between map and reduce tasks. Expand
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Fault-Tolerant Rate-Monotonic Scheduling
In this paper, we present a recovery scheme which can be used to tolerate faults during the execution of preemptive real-time tasks. Expand
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Apache hadoop goes realtime at Facebook
This paper describes the reasons why Facebook chose Hadoop and HBase over other systems such as Apache Cassandra and Voldemort and discusses the application's requirements for consistency, availability, partition tolerance, data model and scalability. Expand
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Schedulability Tests for Fixed Priority Scheduling
Tasks can be classi ed as either periodic which execute every some time units or vice versa as aperiodic. Sporadic tasks are a special case of aperiodic tasks which are guaranteed to have a minimumExpand
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