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Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid-Phase Equilibria
1. The Phase Equilibrium Problem. 2. Classical Thermodynamics of Phase Equilibria. 3. Thermodynamic Properties from Volumetric Data. 4. Intermolecular Forces, Corresponding States and OsmoticExpand
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New Model for the Study of Liquid–Vapor Phase Transitions
A new model is proposed for the study of the liquid–vapor phase transition. The potential energy of a given configuration of N molecules is defined by U(r1, ···, rN) = [W(r1, ···, rN) − Nυ0]e/υ0≤0,Expand
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A molecular dynamics study of liquid drops
We report molecular dynamics studies of small liquid drops (41–2004 molecules) in which the atoms interact with a Lennard‐Jones intermolecular potential cutoff at 2.5σ and shifted by the potential atExpand
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Fluid Interfacial Phenomena
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Lattice Theories of the Liquid State
The assumptions underlying the lattice theory of liquids of Lennard‐Jones and Devonshire are examined. Four modifications of this theory have been proposed which avoid some of these assumptions.Expand
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Computer simulation of a gas–liquid surface. Part 1
The gas–liquid surface of a system of Lennard-Jones (12, 6) molecules has been simulated by Monte Carlo and by Molecular Dynamic methods at temperatures which span most of the liquid range. ForExpand
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Thermodynamics for chemical engineers
This textbook covers the themodynamics needed by chemical engineers both in their engineering and in their chemistry; it is intended for use in all undergraduate and some graduate-level courses. TheExpand
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