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Molecular theory of capillarity
Mechanical molecular models thermodynamics the theory of Van Der Waals statistical mechanics of the liquid-gas surface model fluids in the mean-field approximation computer simulation of theExpand
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Liquids and liquid mixtures
An iterational method is presented here to solve the integrodifferential equation of the general theory of the molecular assembly, using Green’s function. The first iterational result is theExpand
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The pressure tensor at the planar surface of a liquid
The planar surface of a liquid of molecules with truncated Lennard-Jones potentials has been simulated at two temperatures. The normal component of the pressure tensor, p N(z), is shown to be aExpand
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A drop of liquid
The structure and thermodynamic properties of the interface between a drop of liquid and its vapour have long been matters of controversy. The system can be described in terms of its macroscopicExpand
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Computer simulation of the gas/liquid surface
The gas/liquid surface of a system of 255 Lennard-Jones (12,6) molecules has been simulated by Monte Carlo sequences at three reduced temperatures which span most of the liquid range. The results atExpand
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The Yukawa potential
The Yukawa potential, φ(r)=A(λr)-1eλr, has three important mathematical properties that are apparently unrelated but, in fact, closely linked. These properties have led to the appearance of theExpand
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The density profile and surface tension of a drop
We obtain, by two independent routes, a statistical mechanical expression for the surface tension σ of a spherical surface. We show, for the penetrable-sphere model, that the thermodynamic argumentsExpand
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