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Articulated Halkieriids from the Lower Cambrian of North Greenland and their Role in Early Protostome Evolution
The hypothesis of halkieriids and their relatives having a key role in annelid-brachiopod-mollusc evolution is in accord with some earlier proposals and recent evidence from molecular biology, but casts doubt on a number of favoured concepts.
New Palaeoscolecidan Worms from the Lower Cambrian: Sirius Passet, Latham Shale and Kinzers Shale
These finds from Greenland provide further evidence that palaeoscolecidans possessed a complex anterior introvert directly comparable to a number of priapulid-like taxa from other Burgess Shale-type assemblages.
A middle Cambrian fauna of skeletal fossils from the Kuonamka Formation, northern Siberia
An assemblage of mineralized skeletal fossils containing molluscs, hyoliths, chancelloriids, protoconodonts, lobopods, paleoscolecids, bradoriids, echinoderms and hexactinellid sponges is described
Small shelly fossils from the argillaceous facies of the Lower Cambrian Forteau Formation of western Newfoundland
A diverse fauna of helcionelloid molluscs, hyoliths, and other small shelly fossils is described from limestone layers within the Forteau Formation of the Bonne Bay region in western Newfoundland.
The Earliest Annelids: Lower Cambrian Polychaetes from the Sirius Passet Lagerstätte, Peary Land, North Greenland
Apart from the Phyllopod Bed of the Burgess Shale (Middle Cambrian) polychaete annelids are practically unknown from any of the Cambrian Lagerstätten. This is surprising both because their diversity
Articulated hyoliths and other fossils from the Sirius Passet Lagerstätte (early Cambrian) of North Greenland
Hyolithids with helens and an operculum, and a second species of loricate cycloneuralian, Sirilorica pustulosa sp. nov., are described from the Sirius Passet Lagerstatte (early Cambrian; Cambrian
The Sirius Passet Lagerstätte (Early Cambrian) of North Greenland.
Ancillary localities for the Sirius Passet biota (early Cambrian; Cambrian Series 2, Stage 3) are described from the immediate vicinity of the main locality on the southern side of Sirius Passet,
Articulated halkieriids from the Lower Cambrian of north Greenland
METAZOAN skeletons appear abruptly in the fossil record near the base of the Cambrian (∼540MyrBP (before present))1,2. In the initial stages of diversification, familiar skeletal remains such as
The Henson Gletscher Formation, North Greenland, and its bearing on the global Cambrian Series 2-Series 3 boundary
The Henson Gletscher Formation of North Greenland yields moderately diverse trilobite faunas which bracket the Cambrian Series 2-Series 3 boundary interval. A number of the trilobite taxa permit