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Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus: A Unified Language for Mathematics and Physics
1 / Geometric Algebra.- 1-1. Axioms, Definitions and Identities.- 1-2. Vector Spaces, Pseudoscalars and Projections.- 1-3. Frames and Matrices.- 1-4. Alternating Forms and Determinants.- 1-5.Expand
Diffraction patterns of simple apertures
The Fraunhofer diffraction patterns of the triangle, trapezoid, and hexagon are calculated and displayed in moire plots. The diffraction pattern of the general polygonal aperture with a finite numberExpand
Contour plots using a moiré technique
A simple method utilizing a moire technique for producing contour plots is described and applied to the rendering of calculated Fraunhofer diffraction patterns.
Measurement of behind-armor debris using cylindrical holograms
Cylindrical holography has been utilized to capture 180 degree(s) field of view of high speed ballistic events. In this paper, we detail the methodology, design, and experimental results for aExpand
Light distribution near the focal point of a two‐dimensional lens
The distribution of light in the focal region of a lens in two dimensions is calculated in terms of the Fresnel integral. The result is a comparatively simple but very good analog for the focalExpand
Optical Factors in Judgments of Size through an Aperture
The expression is used as the basis of a quantitative discussion of Hennessy's informal experiment and Roscoe's zoom lens hypothesis and data obtained by Biersdorf and Baird agree with it. Expand
Computer Holograms With a Desk-Top Calculator.
Computer‐generated holograms have been produced on the plotter of an HP 9100B desk‐top calculator. The use of simple stick objects allows us to calculate analytically the Fourier transform, theExpand
Ising-Chain Statistics
Distortion compensation and elimination in holographic reconstruction.
The holographic image equations are interpreted in a way that clarifies the meaning of stereo pairs of holographic images and indicates how backprojection methods can be used in holography to locate objects. Expand