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Seismic communication and mate choice in wolf spiders: components of male seismic signals and mating success
Information sent by multimodal communication (i.e. signals in multiple sensory modalities) may be redundant (‘backup’ signals) or may vary in content with each mode (‘multiple messages’). Males ofExpand
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Multimodal signals increase active space of communication by wolf spiders in a complex litter environment
Multimodal signals may compensate for environmental constraints on communication, as signals in different modalities vary in efficacy. We examined the influence of complex microhabitats onExpand
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Effect of rearing environment and food availability on seismic signalling in male wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae)
Male wolf spiders, Schizocosa ocreata (Hentz) (Araneae: Lycosidae), produce a complex courtship behaviour called jerky tapping. This multimodal display contains both visual and seismic components,Expand
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Vibration-guided mate searching in treehoppers: directional accuracy and sampling strategies in a complex sensory environment
ABSTRACT Animal movement decisions involve an action–perception cycle in which sensory flow influences motor output. Key aspects of the action–perception cycle involved in movement decisions can beExpand
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Vibrational Playback Experiments: Challenges and Solutions
High-fidelity vibrational playbacks through living plants and other substrates are not difficult and do not require any special equipment, but there are a number of common pitfalls. Expand
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Seismic Communication in a Wolf Spider
Acoustic communication : body size versus frequency tuning as a balancing act
Acoustic communication signals, both their production and reception, are intertwined with all aspects of an animal’s biology. An intuitive example is the inverse relationship between maximumExpand