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Pulmonary function in adolescents with mild idiopathic scoliosis.
Spirometric indices, lung volumes, maximum voluntary ventilation, and maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressures were measured in 44 adolescents with mild idiopathic scoliosis (spinal curvatureExpand
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Experiences with epidural blood patch
Sixty‐six of a series of 116 patients had a postural headache resulting from an inadvertent dural puncture (despite in 64 cases the provision of an epidural drip) and 50 had headache following aExpand
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Lumbar epidural block in labour: a clinical analysis.
summary An analysis of clinical data referable to 923 lumbar epidural blocks provided during labour is presented. Points of interest include: the high incidence of completely satisfactory analgesia,Expand
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Suxamethonium muscle pains and pregnancy.
The incidence of apparently suxamethonium-induced muscle pains experienced on the first postoperative day, among a series of 1,962 patients, has been analyzed. Each patient had received suxamethoniumExpand
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Some maternal complications of epidural analgesia for labour
A review of the maternal complications encountered in a consecutive series of over 27000 lumbar epidural blocks (exclusive ofepidurals administered for elective Caesarean section and complications ofExpand
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The second thousand epidural blocks in an obstetric hospital practice.
Some observations made upon the results of 1035 consecutively-given epidural blocks for the relief of pain in labour are reported, and comparisons made with those relating to a previous series ofExpand
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Significance of the individual components of the Apgar score.
SUMMARY An analysis of the relationship between the individual components of the 1 min Apgar score, and of each of them with the acid-base status of the infant at delivery, is presented. It is basedExpand
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Pathology in the extradural space.
The case histories are reported of one patient who developed evidence of extradural infection 16 days postpartum, and another who spontaneously developed an extradural haematoma. Several points ofExpand
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The prevention of headache consequent upon dural puncture.
SUMMARY The administration of an epidural infusion of Hartmann's solution for 24 hours after delivery, in patients who have accidentally received a dural tap, is described. Eleven of sixteen patientsExpand
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A Comparison of General Anesthesia and Lumbar Epidural Analgesia for Elective Cesarean Section
Controversy exists concerning the choice of anesthetic technic for elective cesarean section. Several maternal and newborn parameters were compared during general anesthesia (GA) and lumbar epiduralExpand
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