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The Inconsistency of Land Values, Land Rents, and Capitalization Formulas
This paper examines relationships that exist between farm income, land values, and capital asset pricing theory. Using two commonly referenced data sets, it is shown that land prices and land rentsExpand
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Commercial Disappearance and Composite Demand for Food with an Application to U.S. Meats
When elementary prices move strictly proportionately, aggregation over a group of diverse products is valid, and group demand responses can be decomposed into quality and quantity responses. ThisExpand
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Nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur ylide chemistry : a practical approach in chemistry
1. Nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur ylides: an overview 2. Ammonium, Oxonium and Sulfonium Ylides 3. Azomethine, Carbonyl and Thiocarbonyl Ylides 4. Nitrile Ylides
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Synthesis of the tricyclic core of labiatin A and australin A.
A concise synthesis of the tricyclic core of the marine diterpene natural products labiatin A and australin A has been accomplished. The key ring-forming transformation is a cascade reactionExpand
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Synthesis of medium ring ethers. Part 2. Synthesis of the fully saturated carbon skeleton of Laurencia non-terpenoid ether metabolites containing seven-, eight- and nine-membered rings
A general method for the construction of medium ring ethers is described in which a 2-substituted cycloalkanone was subjected to a Baeyer–Villiger ring expansion to the lactone, Tebbe methylenationExpand
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Synthesis of (+)-laurencin
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Estimating Duality Models with Biased Technical Change: A Time Series Approach
Technical change is an omitted variable in econometric models which estimate technical change biases with no direct measure of this variable. Modeling technical change as a deterministic time trendExpand
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