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Race, self-employment, and upward mobility
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Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans: A Reconsideration of Race and Economics
www.sunypress.edu 11 Since its publication in 1991, Entrepreneurship and Self-Help among Black Americans has become a classic work, influencing the study of entrepreneurship and, more importantly,Expand
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The Effect of the Food Stamp Program on Nutrient Intake
Receipt of food stamps is often observed to be positively correlated with intake of nutrients. However, this observed fact could be the result of self-selection into the food stamp program by thoseExpand
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Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship in America: Toward an Explanation of Racial and Ethnic Group Variations in Self-Employment
Using data from the 1983–1987 General Social Surveys, this paper investigates the degree to which being self-employed is more prevalent within certain racial and ethnic groups than others. Those ofExpand
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Option Value and Dynamic Programming Model Estimates of Social Security Disability Insurance Application Timing
This paper develops dynamic structural models - an option value model and a dynamic programming model - of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application timing decision. We estimate theExpand
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All That We Can Be: Black Leadership And Racial Integration The Army Way
* Foreword Richard C. Leone * Success StoryWith Caveats * Blacks in the Common Defense * Making It: Afro-Americans in Todays Army * Handling Contentious Issues * Preparing Soldiers for a LevelExpand
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The importance of employer accommodation on the job duration of workers with disabilities: A hazard model approach
Abstract In line with policies long in place in Western Europe, United States disability policy is now attempting to intervene directly in the labor market to increase the employment of people withExpand
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The Catskill Mountains
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Policing Multi-Ethnic Neighborhoods: The Miami Study and Findings for Law Enforcement in the United States
The Socio-Cultural Context of Police-Citizen Relations in Dade County, Florida Methods of Data Collection Police Task Evaluations Attitudes toward the Police and Policing Attitudes toward the PoliceExpand
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