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Assay of picomole amounts of ATP, ADP, and AMP using the luciferase enzyme system.
Procedural modifications of the luciferase method for ATP assay in conjunction with enzymatic conversion of AMP and ADP allow the assay of all three adenine nucleotides in quantities ranging from 4Expand
Enzymatic isolation of cells from bone: cytotoxic enzymes of bacterial collagenase.
The enzymatic isolation of cells from fetal rat calvaria is most effectively achieved with crude Clostridium histolyticum collagenase. However, this bacterial collagenase damages the cells during theExpand
Characterization of azidobenzamidines as photoaffinity labels for trypsin.
These studies provide a basis for the use of azidobenzamidines as photoaffinity analogs of lysine and arginine side chains and may provide a sensitive tool for probing conformational changes in inhibitor binding sites. Expand
Fine structure of fetal rat calvarium; provisional identification of preosteoclasts
It is suggested that because preosteoclasts are morphologically distinctive and relatively abundant, it should be feasible to separate these cells from a heterogeneous cell isolate. Expand
Effects of transforming growth factor-β on matrix synthesis by chick growth plate chondrocytes
The presence of TGFβ in cartilage suggests an important autocrine function, and the present study was designed to examine its influence on the matrix synthesis of chick epiphyseal chondrocytes. Expand
Effects of thyrocalcitonin and phosphate ion on the parathyroid hormone stimulated resorption of bone.
The effects of parathyroid hormone (PTH), thyrocalcitonin (TCT) and phosphate ion on the resorption of bone mineral and matrix were studied in cultures of fetal rat long bone. PTH stimulated theExpand
Calcium transport in isolated bone cells I. Bone cell isolation procedures
Bone cells were isolated by collagenase‐hyaluronidase digestion of 19–20 day‐old fetal rat calvaria. It is shown that contamination from calcified matrix can give erroneously high values for totalExpand
Metabolism of labeled parathyroid hormone. I. Preparation of biologically active I-125-labeled parathyroid hormone.
The extent and nature of the iodination is such that it can be concluded that hormone molecules so labeled have undergone no measurable loss in biological... Expand
Enzymatic isolation of cells from neonatal calvaria using two purified enzymes from Clostridium histolyticum.
It is found that two enzymes are necessary and sufficient to isolate cells from neonatal mouse calvaria: purified collagenase and neutral protease and cells that are isolated using the purified enzymes are undamaged. Expand