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Phytoremediation of soil metals.
Little molecular understanding of plant activities critical to phytoremediation has been achieved, but recent progress in characterizing Fe, Cd and Zn uptake by Arabidopsis and yeast mutants indicates strategies for developing transgenic improved phytOREmediation cultivars for commercial use. Expand
Improved understanding of hyperaccumulation yields commercial phytoextraction and phytomining technologies.
This paper reviews progress in phy toextraction of soil elements and illustrates the key role of hyperaccumulator plant species in useful phytoextraction technologies and identifies all necessary processes inhyperaccumulation. Expand
Soil pH Effects on Uptake of Cd and Zn by Thlaspi caerulescens
For phytoextraction to be successful and viable in environmental remediation, strategies that can optimize plant uptake must be identified. Thlaspi caerulescens is an important hyperaccumulator of CdExpand
Bacterial inoculants affecting nickel uptake by Alyssum murale from low, moderate and high Ni soils
The results show that bacteria are important for Ni and some rhizobacteria increase the phytoavailability of Ni in soils, thus enhancing Ni accumulation by A. murale. Expand
Heavy metal resistance and genotypic analysis of metal resistance genes in gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria present in Ni-rich serpentine soil and in the rhizosphere of Alyssum murale.
The polymerase chain reaction in combination with DNA sequence analysis was used to investigate the genetic mechanism responsible for the metal resistance in some of these gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that were, highly resistant to Hg, Zn, Cr and Ni. Expand
Development of a technology for commercial phytoextraction of nickel: economic and technical considerations
In recent R&D work, we have made progress in developing a commercial technology using hyperaccumulator plant species to phytoextract nickel (Ni) from contaminated and/or Ni-rich soils. An on-goingExpand
Zinc and Cadmium Uptake by Hyperaccumulator Thlaspi caerulescens and Metal Tolerant Silene vulgaris Grown on Sludge-Amended Soils.
Although Thlaspi appears to hyperaccumulate Zn on mildly contaminated soils, Cd uptake follows predictable patterns, which indicates that metal uptake patterns by plants in relation to total soil metal and soil pH were examined. Expand
Phenotypic characterization of microbes in the rhizosphere of alyssum murale
It is hypothesize that microbes in the rhizosphere of A. murale were capable of reducing soil pH leading to an increase in metal uptake by this hyperaccumulator. Expand
New Culture Medium Containing Ionic Concentrations of Nutrients Similar to Concentrations Found in the Soil Solution
A new growth medium which closely approximates the composition of the soil solution is presented and the advantages of the SSE medium are discussed. Expand