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Entrenchment and Severance Pay in Optimal Governance Structures
This paper explores how motivating an incumbent CEO to undertake actions that improve the effectiveness of his management interacts with the firm's policy on CEO replacement. Expand
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Incomplete Wage Posting
We consider a directed search model in which workers differ in productivity. Productivity becomes observable to firms after assessing their workers on the job, but it is not verifiable. Firms withExpand
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Stent or surgery for incurable obstructive colorectal cancer: an individualized decisión
IntroductionIn the setting of stage-IV obstructive colorectal cancer, self-expanding metallic stents (SEMS) placement and palliative surgery may be appropriate options. The aim of the present studyExpand
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Financing and the Protection of Innovators
The protection that innovators obtain through intellectual property rights crucially depends on their incentives and ability to litigate infringers. Taking patents as a notable example, we study howExpand
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Laparoscopic myotomy vs endoscopic dilation in the treatment of achalasia
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare the results obtained in 14 patients with achalasia who underwent laparoscopic Heller's myotomy and Dor's fundoplication with those of 16 patients whoExpand
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Complications from the primary tumour are not related with survival in patients with synchronous stage IV colorectal cancer receiving chemotherapy without primary tumour resection
BackgroundThe aim of this study was to evaluate the rate of complications from the primary tumour (CPT) requiring surgical or endoscopic intervention during chemotherapy treatment in patients withExpand
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Patent Litigation and the Role of Enforcement Insurance
Abstract We study the effects of patent enforcement insurance when used by an incumbent patent holder in order to increase its incentives to oppose alleged infringers (entrants). By covering some ofExpand
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Arreglos musicales para dos pasillos ecuatorianos aplicando recursos melódicos, rítmicos y orquestales de la timba cubana.
El motivo de esta investigacion fue realizar una propuesta de un proyecto musical elaborando dos arreglos de los pasillos ecuatorianos “El Aguacate” y “Tu y yo” utilizando recursos ritmicos,Expand