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Optimization of the synthesis of a new coagulant from a tannin extract.
The current article studies the optimization of a new coagulant agent for water purification and wastewater remediation. Design of experiments is used for optimizing the production of this newExpand
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Paroxysmal extreme pain disorder: a molecular lesion of peripheral neurons
Background A 3-month-old male infant presented, beginning on the second day of life, with paroxysmal painful events that started with tonic contraction of the whole body followed by erythematousExpand
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Long-chain anionic surfactants in aqueous solution. Removal by Moringa oleifera coagulant
Abstract Moringa oleifera seed extract was confirmed as a feasible coagulant in removing surfactants from aqueous effluents. Amongst them, long-chain anionic detergents such as Polyoxyethylene (3.5)Expand
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Teaching for a Better World. Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals in the Construction of a Change-Maker University
Sustainability, as a key concept in the education field, has submitted a relevant change during the last years. Thus, there is a growing debate about its meaning. It has undergone a crucial mergingExpand
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Dermoscopy of Small Basal Cell Carcinoma: Study of 100 Lesions 5 mm or Less in Diameter
It has been assumed that dermoscopy features of smalland large-size basal cell carcinoma (BCC) are similar, although the effect of size on the frequency of dermoscopic structures has not specificallyExpand
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New coagulant agents from tannin extracts: preliminary optimisation studies.
Abstract Among the multiple uses of tannins, the production of coagulant agents is considered one of the most interesting one. The synthesis of tannin-derived coagulants is studied through aExpand
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Improvement of the flocculation process in water treatment by using moringa oleifera seeds extract
Water scarcity encourages researchers to keep working on natural coagulant agents such as Moringa oleifera seed extract, that could be used even in developing countries. With this scope, thisExpand
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Electrochemical Degradation of a Real Pharmaceutical Effluent
In this work, the electrochemical treatment of an effluent from the pharmaceutical industry with boron-doped diamond electrodes was investigated. The electrolyses were carried out in a discontinuousExpand
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Ozonation of a Carbamazepine Effluent. Designing the Operational Parameters Under Economic Considerations
Ozonation of water effluent polluted with carbamazepine an ubiquitous and refractory pharmaceutical contaminant, has been addressed. This paper aims to optimize the remediation process through novelExpand
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Emotional responses to innovative science teaching methods: acquiring emotional data in a general science teacher education class
The current work tries to inquiry how different teaching methods affect on the student’s emotional performance. The traditional questionnaire for data collection has been replaced by in-situ,Expand
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