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History of Iranian Literature
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Medicine and Pharmacology
Greek medicine had already found its way into Persia in pre-Islamic times, and during the Sasanian period it was being practised in the clinic at Gundīshāpūr. Moreover, it had absorbed certainExpand
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Before the Revolution
The predecessors of the present-day Tajiks (Tojik)1, the Soghdians and the Baktrians, had their own state and their own culture as early as the first millenium B.C. In the 6th century B.C. theyExpand
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Character of the Literary Renaissance
Economic and cultural contact with the occident, which since the middle of the 19th century has increased in width and intensity, was one of the main factors in initiating the transformation of manyExpand
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The Turbulent 12th/18th Century
The internal oppositional currents that had developed within the Safavid empire even­ tually became so acute that the dynasty was no longer able to keep the situation under control. The all-powerfulExpand
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