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Mythic evolution of “The new frontier” in mass mediated rhetoric
This essay combines the concept of “rhetorical narration” with Kenneth Burke's dramatistic pentad to argue that definitional cultural myths are rhetorically meaningful in relation to socialExpand
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The rhetoric of the American western myth
Expanding upon the Social Value Model of Rushing and Frentz, this essay argues that the fundamental values of the American Western myth exist in the paradoxical form of Individualism vs. Community.Expand
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Projecting the Shadow: The Cyborg Hero in American Film, Janice Hocker Rushing and Thomas S. Frentz. 1995. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL. 256 pages. $45.00 hc; $14.95 pb
Part human, part machine, the cyborg is the hero of an increasingly popular genre of American film and a cultural icon emblematic of an emergent postmodern mythology. Using the cyborg film as a pointExpand
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The gods must be crazy: The denial of descent in academic scholarship
In this work, we expand the literature of discontent with academic scholarship by showing how our malaise is grounded metaphorically in the uncritical celebration of “up” and the vilification ofExpand
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Evolution of “the new frontier” in Alien and Aliens: Patriarchal co‐optation of the feminine archetype
Feminine symbolism in the American frontier myth is an evolving cultural/rhetorical manifestation of a developing archetypal process. The land‐based frontier myth represents a middle stage in which aExpand
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The Frankenstein Myth in contemporary cinema
Through an examination of Rocky IV, Blade Runner, and The Terminator, this essay constructs an evolving dystopian shadow myth that expresses repressed fears the culture has about its relationship toExpand
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E.T. As rhetorical transcendence
This essay explicates a cosmological evolutionary perspective termed “the perennial philosophy” in order to interpret how various scholarly and popular discourses constitute a collective exigence ofExpand
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Integrating ideology and archetype in rhetorical criticism
This essay develops an approach to rhetorical criticism by integrating the work of Marxist literary critic Frederic Jameson with that of the depth psychologist C. G. Jung. The emergent perspectiveExpand
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Acceptance by Largemouth Bass Fingerlings of Pelleted Feeds with a Gustatory Additive
Abstract A commercial fish lure enhancer was tested as a gustatory additive to improve the acceptance of formulated dry- and moist-pelleted diets by fingerling largemouth bass (MicropterusExpand
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