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Geomorphology of the oceans
Abstract We present the first digital seafloor geomorphic features map (GSFM) of the global ocean. The GSFM includes 131,192 separate polygons in 29 geomorphic feature categories, used here to assessExpand
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Carbon dioxide and methane sorption in high volatile bituminous coals from Indiana, USA
Samples of coals from several coalbeds in Indiana were analyzed for CO2 and CH4 sorption capacity using a high-pressure adsorption isotherm technique. Coal quality and petrographic composition of theExpand
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Evaluation of coalbed gas potential of the Seelyville Coal Member, Indiana, USA
Abstract The Seelyville Coal Member of the Linton Formation in Indiana potentially contains 0.03 trillion m3 (1.1 TCF) of coalbed gas. The gas content determined by canister desorption techniqueExpand
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Porosity of Coal and Shale: Insights from Gas Adsorption and SANS/USANS Techniques
Two Pennsylvanian coal samples (Spr326 and Spr879-IN1) and two Upper Devonian-Mississippian shale samples (MM1 and MM3) from the Illinois Basin were studied with regard to their porosity and poreExpand
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Depositional and diagenetic variability within the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone: Implications for carbon dioxide sequestration
The Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone is the major target reservoir for ongoing geologic carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration demonstrations throughout the midwest United States. The potential CO2Expand
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Variations in pore characteristics in high volatile bituminous coals: Implications for coal bed gas content
Abstract The Seelyville Coal Member of the Linton Formation (Pennsylvanian) in Indiana was studied to: 1) understand variations in pore characteristics within a coal seam at a single location andExpand
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"Not in (or under) my backyard": Geographic proximity and public acceptance of carbon capture and storage facilities.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an innovative technical approach to mitigate the problem of climate change by capturing carbon dioxide emissions and injecting them underground for permanentExpand
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Effects of providing total cost of ownership information on consumers’ intent to purchase a hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle
Energy-saving technologies have a difficult time being widely accepted in the marketplace when they have a high initial purchase price and deferred financial benefits. Consumers might not realizeExpand
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Hydrogeologic controls on induced seismicity in crystalline basement rocks due to fluid injection into basal reservoirs.
A series of Mb 3.8-5.5 induced seismic events in the midcontinent region, United States, resulted from injection of fluid either into a basal sedimentary reservoir with no underlying confining unitExpand
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Assessing the feasibility of CO2 storage in the New Albany Shale (Devonian–Mississippian) with potential enhanced gas recovery using reservoir simulation
Abstract The feasibility of storing carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in geologic formations as a means to mitigate global climate change is being evaluated around the globe. One option that has receivedExpand
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