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Environment and exposure to solvent of protein atoms. Lysozyme and insulin.
Abstract A computer program is described for calculating the environment and the exposure to solvent of atoms of a protein. The computation is based on the atomic co-ordinates of the protein and onExpand
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Protein hydration and function.
Publisher Summary Hydration can be considered a process of adding water incrementally to dry protein, until a level of hydration is reached beyond which further addition of water produces no changeExpand
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  • J. Rupley
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  • Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • 1 November 1964
The hydrolysis of chitin in solution in strong HCl was studied over a range of acid concentration and temperature. The data suggest that the rate of hydrolysis governed by the structure of theExpand
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21 Vertebrate Lysozymes
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on vertebrate lysozymes, particularly hen egg-white (HEW) lysozyme. Lysozymes of other types generally are distinguishable from HEW lysozyme in having higherExpand
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Fluorescence of lysozyme: emissions from tryptophan residues 62 and 108 and energy migration.
The bulk of the fluorescence of lysozyme is located in Trp 62 and Trp 108. By examination of the fluorescence of derivatives in which Trp 62 and/or Trp 108 are specifically oxidized, it has beenExpand
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Thermodynamics of protein cross-links.
The thermal transitions of native lysozyme and a well-characterized cross-linked derivative of lysozyme [Imoto, T., and Rupley, J. A. (1973), J. Mol. Biol. 80, 657] have been studied in 1.94 MExpand
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Intramolecular cleavage of LexA and phage lambda repressors: dependence of kinetics on repressor concentration, pH, temperature, and solvent.
LexA repressor of Escherichia coli and phage lambda repressor are inactivated in vivo and in vitro by specific cleavage of an Ala-Gly peptide bond in reactions requiring RecA protein. At mildlyExpand
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Protein--water interactions. Heat capacity of the lysozyme--water system.
Calorimetric measurements of the heat capacity of the lysozyme-water system have been carried out over the full range of system composition at 25 degrees C. The partial specific heat capacity of theExpand
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In vitro analysis of mutant LexA proteins with an increased rate of specific cleavage.
Specific cleavage of LexA repressor plays a crucial role in the SOS response of Escherichia coli. In vivo, cleavage requires an activated form of RecA protein. However, previous work has shown thatExpand
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Studies on the enzymic activity of lysozyme, 3. The binding of saccharides.
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