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The unified modeling language reference manual
Written by the three pioneers behind the Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard, The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual provides an excellent real-world guide to working with UML. ThisExpand
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Object-Oriented Modeling and Design
1. Introduction. I. MODELING CONCEPTS. 2. Modeling as a Design Technique. 3. Object Modeling. 4. Advanced Object Modeling. 5. Dynamic Modeling. 6. Functional Modeling. II. DESIGN METHODOLOGY. 7.Expand
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The Unified Software Development Process
The three amigos of software development come together again to bring you an introduction to a new standard for creating today's software that will definitely be useful for any developer or managerExpand
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The Unified Modeling Language User Guide
In The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, the original developers of the UML--Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson--provide a tutorial to the core aspects of the language in a two-colorExpand
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The Unified Modeling Language
public class Bar{ abstract public void op1(); public void op2(){} } Bar attributes op1() op2() Abstract Operation (in italic)
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Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual, The (2nd Edition)
“If you are a serious user of UML, there is no other book quite like this one. I have been involved with the UML specification process for some time, but I still found myself learning things whileExpand
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Object-Oriented Modelling and Design
Object-oriented modelling and design promote better understanding of requirements, cleaner designs and more maintainable systems. Often, books on related subjects rely on programming and coding,Expand
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The Unified Modeling Language User
A junction field effect transistor having a V-shaped upper gate, dividing said planar source and drain regions, formed by etching a (100) crystal oriented semiconductor material of one conductivityExpand
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