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Introduction of Non-Native Oysters: Ecosystem Effects and Restoration Implications
▪ Abstract Oysters have been introduced worldwide to 73 countries, but the ecological consequences of the introductions are not fully understood. Economically, introduced oysters compose a majorityExpand
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Extinction and Ecosystem Function in the Marine Benthos
Rapid changes in biodiversity are occurring globally, yet the ecological impacts of diversity loss are poorly understood. Here we use data from marine invertebrate communities to parameterize modelsExpand
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TROUBLE ON OILED WATERS: Lessons from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
▪ Abstract The Exxon Valdez oil spill was the largest in US maritime history. We review post-spill research and set it in its legal context. The Exxon Corporation, obviously responsible for theExpand
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Global Analysis of Factors Affecting the Outcome of Freshwater Fish Introductions
As humans move species around the globe, biotic homogenization decreases diversity. It is therefore crucial to understand factors influencing invasion success at a global scale. I analyzed factorsExpand
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The ecological role of bivalve shellfish aquaculture in the estuarine environment: A review with application to oyster and clam culture in West Coast (USA) estuaries
Abstract Aquaculture is viewed as a potential mechanism to meet the growing demand for seafood around the world. The future of bivalve shellfish aquaculture in the U.S. hinges on sustainableExpand
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Tidal exchange, bivalve grazing, and patterns of primary production in Willapa Bay, Washington, USA
Willapa Bay, Washington, USA, is a shallow, coastal-plain, upwelling-influenced estuary where Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas are intensively cultivated. CTD transect data show that in theExpand
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Factors Preventing the Recovery of a Historically Overexploited Shellfish Species, Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864
ABSTRACT The Olympia oyster, Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864,† in estuaries along the Pacific coast of North America, experienced overexploitation throughout its range in the late 1800s, resulting inExpand
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Impacts of Invasive Oyster Drills on Olympia Oyster (Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864) Recovery in Willapa Bay, Washington, United States
ABSTRACT The Olympia oyster (Ostrea lurida)‡ was historically abundant in Willapa Bay, WA, but populations were decimated by overexploitation in the mid to late-1800s and have failed to recover. WeExpand
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Reducing the risks of nonindigenous species introductions.
A though plants and animals have always spread across the globe, expanding their ranges and invading new territories, human civilization has accelerated these biological invasions to an extraordinaryExpand
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Local and geographic variation in the defensive chemistry of a West Indian gorgonian coral (Briareum asbestinum)
We sampled the between-colony and between-habitat variation in defensive chemistry of colonies of Briareum asbestinum, one of the most ubiquitous and chemically deterrent of the West IndianExpand
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