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Highly convergent schemes for the calculation of bulk and surface Green functions
The surface and bulk densities of states of a solid described by the stacking of principal layers are obtained by means of an iterative procedure which allows (i) the inclusion of 2n layers after nExpand
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Quick iterative scheme for the calculation of transfer matrices: application to Mo (100)
The transfer matrix of a solid described by the stacking of principal layers is obtained by an iterative procedure which takes into account 2 layers after n iterations, in contrast to usual schemesExpand
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A semi-empirical theory is formulated to predict wave reflection and transmission at a porous breakwater of rectangular cross section for normally incident solitary waves. The solution is based onExpand
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On the gas dispersion measurements in the collection zone of flotation columns
Abstract This work shows the results of gas dispersion parameters in a fully controlled laboratory column flotation cell, namely gas hold-up (eg), superficial gas velocity (Jg) and bubble sizeExpand
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A nonorthogonal-basis calculation of the spectral density of surface states for the (100) and (110) faces of tungsten
The transfer matrix approach for the calculation of layer Green functions with a tight-binding Hamiltonian is extended to the case of a nonorthogonal basis. The problem can be rewritten in terms ofExpand
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Electromagnetic probes of primordial black holes as dark matter.
The LIGO discoveries have rekindled suggestions that primordial black holes (BHs) may constitute part to all of the dark matter (DM) in the Universe. Such suggestions came from 1) the observed mergerExpand
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Development and in vitro/ex vivo characterization of vaginal mucoadhesive bilayer films based on ethylcellulose and biopolymers for vaginal sustained release of Tenofovir.
Young women in sub-Saharan Africa have the highest risk of HIV acquisition through sexual contact of all groups. Vaginal controlled release of antiretrovirals is a priority option for the preventionExpand
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Modelling one-dimensional insulating materials with the ionic Hubbard model
The single-particle spectral-weight function of the ionic Hubbard model (IHM) at half-filling shows an abrupt change of regime at a critical value of the coupling constant (Hubbard U). Specifically,Expand
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Influence of screening in the magneto-optical properties of a two-dimensional electron gas: Photoluminiscence from In 0.53 Ga 0.47 As/InP quantum wells
Different modulation doped ${\mathrm{In}}_{0.53}$${\mathrm{Ga}}_{0.47}$As/InP quantum wells have been studied by photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation at variable temperature andExpand
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Characterization of silicoaluminate surfaces by means of adsorption of organic vapours
During the last few years a method of surface characterization, by means of studying the adsorption of organic vapours on solids [1, 2] has been developed. The use of the latter to study the surfaceExpand
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