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A Modular Strategy for Control and Voltage Balancing of Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifiers
In this paper, a new strategy for voltage balancing of distinct dc buses in cascaded H-bridge rectifiers is presented. This method ensures that the dc bus capacitor voltages converge to the referenceExpand
MOSFET switching behaviour under influence of PCB stray inductance
An analytical expression is derived for the power MOSFET turn-off overvoltage, including the influence of PCB interconnects. The entire PCB is modeled by means of the partial element equivalentExpand
Switching disturbance due to source inductance for a power MOSFET: analysis and solutions
In this paper some technological rules are given, in order to help the designer to choose correct parameter values (such as gate resistance), avoiding MOSFET switching disturbance due to commonExpand
EMC Modeling of Drives for Aircraft Applications: Modeling Process, EMI Filter Optimization, and Technological Choice
A new approach for easy and fast modeling of EMI filter in aircraft application is proposed, in order to be used in an optimization process. A modular description in a user friendly environmentExpand
EMI study of a three phase inverter-fed motor drives
Today, electromagnetic compatibility seems to be one of the major constraints of power electronics converters and especially for variable speed drives. Unfortunately, it is too often regarded as theExpand
EMI Study of Three-Phase Inverter-Fed Motor Drives
Today, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) seems to be one of the major constraints of power electronic converters, particularly for variable-speed drives. Unfortunately, it is too often regarded asExpand
Conducted EMI analysis of a boost PFC circuit
Because of the stringent EMI regulation, noises generated from high switching frequency converters need to be analyzed and suppressed. EMI noises in power converters are generally layout and packageExpand
Busbar Design: How to Spare Nanohenries ?
This paper intends to compare the many different solutions available to design a busbar interconnection. Starting from a single copper plate and going to multilayer busbars, the influence of theExpand
Power electronic converter EMC analysis through state variable approach techniques
A technique based on the state vector approach and a simple switch device model is proposed for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis in converter design. The conducted noise spectrum isExpand
Conducted and radiated EMI characterisation of power electronics converter
With increasing use of switching power supplies in industrial applications and the necessity to respect standards, problems of electromagnetic compatibility have to be solved. In order to reduce theExpand