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The fake news game: actively inoculating against the risk of misinformation
Abstract The rapid spread of online misinformation poses an increasing risk to societies worldwide. To help counter this, we developed a ‘fake news game’ in which participants are actively taskedExpand
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Susceptibility to misinformation about COVID-19 around the world
Misinformation about COVID-19 is a major threat to public health. Using five national samples from the UK (n = 1050 and n = 1150), Ireland (n = 700), the USA (n = 700), Spain (n = 700) and Mexico (nExpand
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Inoculating Against Fake News About COVID-19
The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been accompanied by a large amount of misleading and false information about the virus, especially on social media. In this article, weExpand
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Fake news game confers psychological resistance against online misinformation
The spread of online misinformation poses serious challenges to societies worldwide. In a novel attempt to address this issue, we designed a psychological intervention in the form of an onlineExpand
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Good News about Bad News: Gamified Inoculation Boosts Confidence and Cognitive Immunity Against Fake News
Recent research has explored the possibility of building attitudinal resistance against online misinformation through psychological inoculation. The inoculation metaphor relies on a medical analogy:Expand
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Prebunking interventions based on “inoculation” theory can reduce susceptibility to misinformation across cultures
This study finds that the online “fake news” game, Bad News, can confer psychological resistance against common online misinformation strategies across different cultures. The intervention draws onExpand
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You are fake news: political bias in perceptions of fake news
Although the rise of fake news is posing an increasing threat to societies worldwide, little is known about what associations the term ‘fake news’ activates in the public mind. Here, we report aExpand
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Long-term effectiveness of inoculation against misinformation: Three longitudinal experiments.
This study investigates the long-term effectiveness of active psychological inoculation as a means to build resistance against misinformation. Using 3 longitudinal experiments (2 preregistered), weExpand
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