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Stoichiometry of the atrial natriuretic factor-R1 receptor complex in the bovine zona glomerulosa.
Comparison of the measured number of ANF binding sites with immunoassayable receptor protein revealed that the stoichiometric ratio of the ANF-receptor complex was 1:2, and this was confirmed by using an ANF analog that bears a photoactivatable group at both of its ends, showing that ANF interacts with both the receptor subunits and specifically cross-links a dimeric form of the receptor. Expand
Hydrodynamic properties of the angiotensin II receptor from bovine adrenal zona glomerulosa.
The bovine adrenal angiotensin II receptor was solubilized with the non-ionic detergent octyl beta-D-glucoside following its binding with the high-affinity antagonist 125I-labelled [Sar1,Ile8]angiotensIn II to allow the determination of its hydrodynamic properties. Expand
Localization by photoaffinity labeling of natriuretic peptide receptor-A binding domain.
The results lead to the identification of the short segment Asp191-Arg198 as the site of covalent binding of [Tyr18,Bpa27] rat ANP(1-27) and the hydrophilic region is adjacent to the epitope Ile181-Phe188 and to the glycosylation site Asn180. Expand
Photoaffinity labelling of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF)-R1 receptor by underivatized 125I-ANF. Involvement of lipid peroxidation.
Aerobic conditions and lipids are required for the photolabelling, suggesting a role in this process for malondialdehyde, a highly reactive secondary product associated with u.v.-induced lipid peroxidation, and this simple method should provide a powerful tool in the accurate characterization of the hormone-binding domain of the ANF receptor. Expand
Phosphorylation of atrial natriuretic factor R1 receptor by serine/threonine protein kinases: evidences for receptor regulation
Altered ANF actions due to blunted response of guanylate cyclase to ANF could be a consequence of the ANF receptor phosphorylation by excessive activity of protein kinase C and might be involved in the pathogenesis of hypertension. Expand
Determination of opiates and other basic drugs by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection.
The extracted drugs are separated by reversed-phase liquid chromatography and detected amperometrically at a glassy carbon electrode and provided high sensitivity and selectivity and has been used successfully in bioavailability studies. Expand
Radioimmunoassay of meterelin and pharmacokinetics after single injection and implant administration in dogs.
A sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay for a novel LHRH agonist, [2-Me-D-Trp6, DesGly10]LHRH ethylamide (meterelin), was developed for documenting the pharmacokinetic parameters of this peptide following its intravenous and subcutaneous administration in dogs. Expand
Production of polyclonal antibody to the bovine adrenal atrial natriuretic factor-R1 receptor.
A polyclonal antibody monospecific for an intracellular epitope of the atrial natriuretic factor (ANF)-R1 receptor was produced. The receptor protein (200 pmoles) was purified to homogeneity fromExpand
Radioimmunoassay of Antarelix, a luteinizing hormone releasing-hormone antagonist, in plasma and its application for pharmacokinetic study in dogs.
A procedure for the radioimmunoassay (RIA) of Antarelix (teverelix) in plasma has been developed for the pharmacokinetic study of this potent LHRH antagonist in dogs. Antiserum was produced byExpand