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Web usage mining for predicting final marks of students that use Moodle courses
This paper shows how web usage mining can be applied in e‐learning systems in order to predict the marks that university students will obtain in the final exam of a course. We have also developed aExpand
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Boundary mixing and nutrient fluxes in Mono Lake, California
Temperature-gradient microstructure and nutrient profiling were undertaken at both an inshore and an offshore site on Mono Lake, California, to determine whether boundary mixing occurred and theExpand
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Seasonal water quality of shallow and eutrophic Lake Pamvotis, Greece: implications for restoration
Lake Pamvotis is a moderately sized (22 km2) shallow (zavg=4 m) lake with a polymictic stratification regime located in northwest Greece. The lake has undergone cultural eutrophication over the pastExpand
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The onset of meromixis during restoration of Mono Lake, California: Unintended consequences of reducing water diversions
Diversions of freshwater streams out of the Mono Lake basin since 1941 have led to a gradual decrease in size, an approximate doubling of lake-water salinity, and associated environmental impacts. ToExpand
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A Survey on Pre-Processing Educational Data
Data pre-processing is the first step in any data mining process, being one of the most important but less studied tasks in educational data mining research. Pre-processing allows transforming theExpand
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Grammar-based multi-objective algorithms for mining association rules
Abstract In association rule mining, the process of extracting relations from a dataset often requires the application of more than one quality measure and, in many cases, such measures involveExpand
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Dynamics of Eimeria oocyst excretion in dairy calves in the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), during their first 2 months of age.
Clinical coccidiosis is associated with high fecal contamination and stress situations, mainly in animals under 1 year of age. Artificially fed dairy calves are one of the categories most prone toExpand
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Mining Rare Association Rules from e-Learning Data
Rare association rules are those that only appear infrequently even though they are highly associated with very specific data. In consequence, these rules can be very appropriate for using withExpand
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Realizing Correspondences in Multi-viewpoint Specifications
Viewpoint modeling is an effective technique for specifying complex software systems in terms of a set of independent viewpoints and correspondences between them. Each viewpoint focuses on aExpand
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