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Silicon nanotube field effect transistor with core-shell gate stacks for enhanced high-performance operation and area scaling benefits.
We introduce the concept of a silicon nanotube field effect transistor whose unique core-shell gate stacks help achieve full volume inversion by giving a surge in minority carrier concentration inExpand
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Can We Build a Truly High Performance Computer Which is Flexible and Transparent?
We show a generic batch process to convert high performance silicon electronics into flexible and semi-transparent one while retaining its performance, process compatibility, integration density and cost. Expand
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Flexible and semi-transparent thermoelectric energy harvesters from low cost bulk silicon (100).
Silicon electronics are at the heart of today’s digital world. Silicon based micro-fabrication technology has unparalleled performance, cost, and yield advantages. However, silicon is brittle andExpand
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Vertically grown multiwalled carbon nanotube anode and nickel silicide integrated high performance microsized (1.25 μL) microbial fuel cell.
Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are an environmentally friendly method for water purification and self-sustained electricity generation using microorganisms. Microsized MFCs can also be a useful powerExpand
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Mechanically flexible optically transparent porous mono-crystalline silicon substrate
For the first time, we present a simple process to fabricate a thin (>;5Lim), mechanically flexible, optically transparent, porous mono-crystalline silicon substrate. Relying only on reactive ionExpand
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Review—Micro and Nano-Engineering Enabled New Generation of Thermoelectric Generator Devices and Applications
As we are advancing our world to smart living, a critical challenge is increasingly pressing increased energy demand. While we need mega power supplies for running data centers and other emergingExpand
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Electrical Analysis of High Dielectric Constant Insulator and Metal Gate Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitors on Flexible Bulk Mono-Crystalline Silicon
We report on the electrical study of high dielectric constant insulator and metal gate metal oxide semiconductor capacitors on a flexible ultra-thin (25 μm) silicon fabric which is peeled off using a CMOS compatible process from a standard bulk mono-crystalline silicon substrate. Expand
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Paper-based origami flexible and foldable thermoelectric nanogenerator
Abstract Paper has been an essential material in our daily life since ancient times. Its affordability, accessibility, adaptability, workability and its easiness of usage makes it an attractiveExpand
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Flexible High-$\kappa$/Metal Gate Metal/Insulator/Metal Capacitors on Silicon (100) Fabric
Implementation of memory on bendable substrates is an important step toward a complete and fully developed notion of mechanically flexible computational systems. In this paper, we have demonstrated aExpand
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Flexible nanoscale high-performance FinFETs.
With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), flexible high-performance nanoscale electronics are more desired. At the moment, FinFET is the most advanced transistor architecture used in theExpand
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