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Works Councils: Consultation, Representation, and Cooperation in Industrial Relations
As the influence of labor unions declines in many industrialized nations, particularly the United States, the influence of workers has decreased. Because of the need for greater involvement ofExpand
Will Standards Save Public Education
Somewhere. . . there is a place of sanity where education is intense and substantive. . . . It's in that place that Deborah Meier has been working all these years. Her voice conveys a life of GrantedExpand
America's Forgotten Majority Why The White Working Class Still Matters
A powerful look at the real America, dominated by America's "forgotten majority"-white working-class men and women who make up 55 percent of the voting population
American Society: How It Really Works
In American Society: How It Really Works, Erik Olin Wright and Joel Rogers ask several key questions: What kind of society is America? How does it really work and why is it the way it is? In whatExpand
Is Inequality Bad For Our Health
A Strategy for Labor
Labor's decline is advanced, disastrous for democracy, and unlikely to be relieved by labor law reform at the national level. Unions need a strategy for revival that does not premise such relief, andExpand
Solidarity, Democracy, Association
The egalitarian democratic political project aims at “a reconciliation of liberty with equality” (Rawls 1971: 204). Committed to a framework of universal civil and political liberties, it seeks toExpand