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Source localization (LORETA) of the error-related-negativity (ERN/Ne) and positivity (Pe).
We investigated error processing of 39 subjects engaging the Eriksen flanker task. In all 39 subjects a pronounced negative deflection (ERN/Ne) and a later positive component (Pe) were observed afterExpand
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Allelic Variation of Serotonin Transporter Function Modulates the Brain Electrical Response for Error Processing
A functional length variation in the transcriptional control region of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) influences brain function, personality traits, and susceptibility to psychiatricExpand
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Macroscopic brain architecture changes and white matter pathology in acromegaly: a clinicoradiological study
Although long-term exposure of the brain to increased GH/IGF-1 likely influences cerebral functions, no in vivo studies have been directed towards changes of the brain structure in acromegaly. Here,Expand
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Chronic Growth Hormone Excess Is Associated with Increased Aldosterone: A Study in Patients with Acromegaly and in Growth Hormone Transgenic Mice
Acromegaly is a disease characterized by chronic growth hormone (GH) excess. Since hypertension is a common finding in patients with acromegaly, interactions between GH and theExpand
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Effects of once-weekly sustained-release growth hormone: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study in adult growth hormone deficiency.
BACKGROUND A sustained-release recombinant human GH formulation, LB03002, has been recently developed, with pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic activity appropriate for once-weekly administration.Expand
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Prevalence of mental disorders in acromegaly: a cross‐sectional study in 81 acromegalic patients
Objective  Emotional and behavioural alterations have been described in acromegalic patients. However, the nature and psychopathological value of these changes remained unclear.
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Cognitive function in acromegaly: description and brain volumetric correlates
In acromegaly, we reported on increased rates of affective disorders such as dysthymia and depression, as well as structural brain changes. Objective of this study was to determine if cognitiveExpand
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Serum leptin and ghrelin levels in active and inactive acromegalic patients during an oral glucose tolerance test.
OBJECTIVE Elevated BMI, fat mass and food intake increases leptin whereas ghrelin is reduced. Ghrelin stimulates growth hormone (GH) secretion. This prospective cross-sectional study was performed toExpand
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12-Month effects of once-weekly sustained-release growth hormone treatment in adults with GH deficiency
The weekly sustained-release recombinant human GH formulation LB03002, showed beneficial effects in GH-deficient (GHD) adults in a previous 26-week double-blind study. Prior studies of long-acting GHExpand
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Comparison of glucose and lipid metabolism and bone mineralization in patients with growth hormone deficiency with and without long-term growth hormone replacement.
The effects of long-term growth hormone (GH) substitution in pituitary-insufficient patients with GH deficiency (GHD-pats) on glucose and lipid metabolism and bone mineral density (BMD) have yet toExpand
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