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Storm‐like dynamics of Jupiter's inner and middle magnetosphere
The discovery of energy-time dispersed, charged particle signatures of dynamic, longitudinally confined charged particle injections within Jupiter's inner magnetosphere has been reported previouslyExpand
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On the adiabatic motion of energetic particles in a model magnetosphere
The motion of charged particles in a model magnetosphere is studied using the three adiabatic invariants. The particle shell geometry is determined, and drift velocities, bounce periods, andExpand
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The Search for a Survival Value of Music
A most basic issue in the study of music perception is the question of why humans are motivated to pay attention to, or create, musical messages, and why they respond emotionally to them, when suchExpand
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Longitude dependence of geomagnetically trapped electrons
This paper will describe a method for calculating the longitude dependence of geomagnetically trapped electrons at low altitude on basis of scattering and energy loss due to atmospheric interactions.
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Quantitative models of the magnetosphere.
A clear understanding of the basic forms of motion of charged particles in the magnetic and electric fields of the outer magnetosphere is an essential ingredient to the study of the earth's radiationExpand
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On the relationship between human brain functions and the foundations of physics, science, and technology
The objective of this paper is to discuss the relationship between the functional properties and information-processing modes of the human brain and the evolution of scientific thought. Science hasExpand
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Dynamics of Magnetically Trapped Particles: Foundations of the Physics of Radiation Belts and Space Plasmas
Particle Drifts and the First Adiabatic Invariant.- Particle Trapping, Drift Shells and the Second Adiabatic Invariant.- Periodic Drift Motion and the Third Adiabatic Invariant.- Trapped ParticleExpand
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