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Mobile-health: A review of current state in 2015
This paper presents a comprehensive review of the state of the art on m-Health services and applications proposed by industry. Expand
LoRaWAN — A low power WAN protocol for Internet of Things: A review and opportunities
The Internet of Things (IoT) vision requires increasingly more sensor nodes interconnected and a network solution that may accommodate these requirements accordingly. In wireless sensor networks,Expand
Decentralized Consensus for Edge-Centric Internet of Things: A Review, Taxonomy, and Research Issues
This paper scrutinizes the pros and cons of state-of-the-art decentralized consensus systems for edge-centric Internet of Things. Expand
Data Offloading in 5G-Enabled Software-Defined Vehicular Networks: A Stackelberg-Game-Based Approach
Data offloading using vehicles is one of the most challenging tasks to perform due to the high mobility of vehicles. Expand
Biometrics-Based Privacy-Preserving User Authentication Scheme for Cloud-Based Industrial Internet of Things Deployment
In this paper, we propose a new biometric-based privacy preserving user authentication (BP2UA) scheme for cloud-based IIoT deployment. Expand
Edge Computing in the Industrial Internet of Things Environment: Software-Defined-Networks-Based Edge-Cloud Interplay
An SDN-based edge-cloud interplay is presented to handle streaming big data in IIoT environment, wherein SDN provides an efficient middleware support. Expand
Design and Analysis of Secure Lightweight Remote User Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme in Internet of Drones Deployment
We propose a novel lightweight user authentication scheme in which a user in the IoD environment needs to access data directly from a drone provided that the user is authorized to access the data from that drone. Expand
Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Health Things
This paper presents a review of techniques based on IoT for healthcare and ambient-assisted living, defined as the Internet of Health Things (IoHT), based on the most recent publications and products available in the market from industry for this segment. Expand
Intelligent Mobile Video Surveillance System as a Bayesian Coalition Game in Vehicular Sensor Networks: Learning Automata Approach
In a mobile video surveillance system (MVSS), an efficient approach is required, so that captured video can be transmitted to its final destination under tight constraints of delay and accuracy. Expand
Model-Based Quantitative Network Security Metrics: A Survey
Network security metrics (NSMs) based on models allow to quantitatively evaluate the overall resilience of networked systems against attacks. Expand