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Factors controlling cracking of concrete affected by reinforcement corrosion
The present paper tries to contribute to quantifying the relationship between the amount of corrosion and cover cracking. The variables studied were: cover/diameter (c/ø), proportions of cement, w/c,Expand
Observed Parenting Practices of First-Generation Latino Families
This study used an established behavioral observation methodology to examine the parenting practices of first-generation Latino parents of children 4 to 9 years of age. The study had three centralExpand
The distribution and density of a lycaenid butterfly in relation to Lasius ants
SummaryLarvae and pupae of lycaenid butteflies are often associated with ants: this is usually a mutualism in which ants guard the lycaenids from natural enemies, and the lycaenid larvae and pupaeExpand
Current situation of pests targeted by Bt crops in Latin America.
Transgenic crops producing Bacillus thuringiensis- (Bt) insecticidal proteins (Bt crops) have provided useful pest management tools to growers for the past 20 years. Planting Bt crops has reduced theExpand
Anchitherium aurelianense (Mammalia, Equidae) (Cuvier, 1825) dans l'Orléanien (Miocène) de France
The characters of the horse Anchitherium Meyer, 1844 are very conservative. While its dental morphology is quite constant, its postcranial morphology is more variable. Fossil remains from theExpand
ICT-specific technological change and productivity growth in the US: 1980-2004
This paper studies the impact of the information and communication technologies (ICT) on U.S. productivity growth and accounts for about one quarter of it during the period 1980-2004. Expand
Numerical modelling of normal impact on ceramic composite armours
Summary In this paper, the penetration of ceramic targets backed by thin metallic plates when impacted by cylindrical projectiles is studied. To achieve this, a two-dimensional axisymmetric numericalExpand
Quantificacao de tocoferois em oleos de milho, soja, castanha-do-para e castanha de caju por cromatografia liquida de alta eficiencia em fase reversa
RESUMO: Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de se padronizar a tecnica da CLAE-FR, com detector de ultravioleta, para determinar tocoferois em alguns oleos vegetais. Comparou-se a tecnica deExpand
Psicología social de la salud
Semantic Upgrade and Publication of Legacy Data
  • J. Rodríguez
  • Computer Science
  • Ontologies for Software Engineering and Software…
  • 2006
We face the challenge of “upgrading” this large amount of existing content into Semantic Web content. Expand